Disruptive Design Masterclass
Sep 8, 2016 10:00 AM
  • 5:00
    Opening Ceremonies

    Presented by All My Relations

    Joleen Mitton
  • Designers
    Pam Baker

    Pam Baker has been designing since 2000. Her pieces can be seen in several galleries.

  • 06:00
    Social Impact Address
    Length: 40 minutes

    David Vertesi, founder of Vancouver Mural Festival, lead singer of Hey Ocean and winner of YMCA Power Of Peace Award will speak to using collaboration as innovation. From idea to execution, learn how Vancouver Mural Festival mobilized 150+ local organizations in under a year to become the first of it's kind in the city.

    David Vertesi
    Keynote Speaker
  • 09:00
    Breaking the Silos: How to work with each other
    Length: 30 minutes

    Have you ever been scared to talk to your developer for fear of sounding nit-picky, or demanding? Have you ever been approached by a designer and cried a little inside? Has anyone ever talked to the marketer? Ben's here to tell us how we can break those barriers and feel confident talking to our counterparts.

    Ben Frisby
  • 9:00
    Street Style

    Section 35, Okalani, Alano Edzera Wendy Van Riesen, Guest DJ Kookum

About this event:

Tomorrow's businesses must be customer-centric, designed around empowering customer experiences and making best use of new technologies. Our Disruptive Design Masterclass is a hands-on setting where you will learn to apply design thinking to address your biggest challenges.

In a world where your next great competitor may be crowdfunded and the next big innovation powered by artificial intelligence -- you will come away better equipped to launch new products, deliver better services and create richer experiences. Disruption is greatly impacting sectors like government, finance, real estate and charities and this is an opportunity to learn how you can stay ahead of the game.

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